Counting down to Christmas pt.4: Steampod Red Obsessed

Steampod Red Obsessed

The L’Oréal Professionel Steampod is already a given in a lot of bathrooms in Belgium. For me, this Steampod is a match made in heaven. It protects my hair against breakage and gives it a sleek and soft finish. This winter a new limited edition Steampod is launched, Red Obsessed, which is completely in the jingle bells spirit. No gift for yourself yet? Search no more!

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Counting down to Christmas pt.7: L’Oréal Stempod holiday edition

December staat gelijk aan stress om kerstcadeaus. Ik vind het altijd zo moeilijk om het perfecte cadeau te vinden voor iemand omdat ik ook wil dat ze er écht blij om zijn. Twee jaar geleden kreeg ik van mijn vriend het àllerbeste cadeau, een Steampod. Als jij je haar vaak stijlt of iemand weet die dit regelmatig doet, dit is hét cadeau dat je moet geven. Waarom? Dat leg ik je graag uit!

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New In: Steampod 2.0

I had one thing on my Christmas list that I really wanted: the new Steampod 2.0. I have been straightening my hair since I was 14 years old so I always try to buy the best straightener there is to keep my hair in a (fairly) good state. Since the reviews for the Steampod 2.0 (& 1.0) were so good, I had to have it. Read more to find out what I think about this new beauty toy.

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