Intimacy Men: the perfume

Intimacy men perfume

Looking for a (very late ;-)) Chistmas gift or is your boyfriend/father/brother/best friend’s birthday coming up? Search no more, because I have found a perfume for men that smells amazing and is affordable too! I’ll tell you all about it.

Intimacy is the perfume brand of Ici Paris XL themselves. This results in exclusive perfumes with a lower price tag than normally but with the same quality! They already launched four perfumes for women (with the noir edition being my favorite) but now it’s time for the men to be spoiled! Meet Intimacy Men, a mysterious but oh so masculine perfume.

An ode to the modern man

The Intimacy men perfume is a powerful, mysterious and fresh perfume. It invites men to go on their ultimate trip of freedom to find new adventures. The perfume is for all the modern, adventurous men out there.

The perfume

The myserious and powerful scent is a mix of bergamot, pink pepper, cedar and nutmeg (yep, the spice you use in your mashed potatoes ;-)). In the heart of the perfume you’ll find cardamom and star anise, combined with basil and violet. The base consists of of leather and patchouli. For me this is a unique combination of scents, but I love the end result. It’s one of those perfumes that makes your head turn and makes you wonder, what’s that amazing smell? It’s masculine and sexy, and that’s what we love in all men, right?

The price

The price is way more affordable than the regular perfumes, mainly because the marketing budget that is spent is less high (even though this campaign has a super cool campaign video!). For 75 ml (that’s a lot!) you only pay €49,95 (and there’s often a discount), for 125 ml you pay €70. In comparision, this is normally around €120.

With love,

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