Counting down to Christmas pt.3: The Ritual of Yalda

Rituals launched a new limited winter edition and it’s one of my favorites so far! The Ritual of Yalda is a collection that is inspired by an ancient Persian festival where warmth and light is honored during the dark & cold days. Watermelon and pomegranate are the two main ingredients, a unique combination with a surprising but cosy fragrance as a result! Curious?

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OOTD: It’s a maxi thing

A lot of people tend to stop wearing dresses during the winter, but since I’m a real girly girl, I also love to wear them during the colder days. And this dress from Imagine Mi in Hove is my absolute go to this winter. Since so many of you liked it too, I’ll show you […]

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L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2018

Advent calendar week: L’Occitane

I know, I know, the advent calendar countdown has already begun, but I just couldn’t skip this last one. The L’occitane calendar is always a real treat to find under my tree. And I just know some of you guys are always super last minute too, no? 😉 Go on, I know you’re curious!

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Planet Parfum Beauty advent calendar 2018

Advent calendar week: Planet parfum Beauty calendar

An advent calendar full of make up products – every girl’s dream, no? Well, it’s a dream come true with the new beauty advent calendar of Planet Parfum. You’ll find 24 items inside to give you the prettiest holiday look ever. And the price? Only €34,90! Don’t have a calendar yet even though it’s the 1st? […]

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Nuxe advent calendar 2018

Advent calendar week: Nuxe

A new day means a new advent calendar! This time round it’s the Nuxe one. Last year they launched one with only 10 products inside but this year there’s 24 items inside. Even more unboxing fun, hooray! And it’s still super affordable! Curious yet?

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Aveda Advent Calendar 2018

Advent calendar week: Aveda

An advent calendar only for your hair? Yep, even that exists now! And it’s full of products from one of my favorite brands, Aveda. Their advent calendar is filled with products to give you the prettiest, healthiest and shiniest hair for the holidays. And the best news? I can give away one! Bring on those […]

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Advent calendar week: Babor

Yay! It’s advent calendar week. This means I’m presenting a new beauty calendar every day. Yep, you heard that right! First up, the Babor advent calendar. And I have some amazing news, because I can spoil you guys with one too!

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