A healthy November with #myvitabreak

November is a month that, for me, always goes so slow. The good weather is definitely over and that cosy Christmas periodis still quite far around the corner. All your good efforts in spring and summer to getting that hot bikini body suddenly vanish and you get addicted to hot chocolate, chips and cookies.

But not this year! Vitalinea wants to help me, and ofcourse everyone of us, in getting fit & healthy towards the end of the year. That’s why they’ve came up with #myvitabreak. What does this mean? During the whole month of November Vitalinea will challenge you to live a little bit healthier every day. They will not give you crazy exercises like ‘Do 100 squats today’ or ‘Run a marathon’ but small simple things like ‘Drink your 1.5 liter water today’ or ‘Take a walk during the evening to get some fresh air’

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What a wonderful day!

Dear readers, what a wonderful day. I finally decided to start my own blog. After blogging for a year with a group of girls I decided it was time to spread my wings and do my own thing. So welcome to my little world, cocktails and heels – since I’m a big fan of both. […]

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