Boost your digital health

We’re all so busy with our phyisical health. Doing yoga, eating healthy, going to the doctor when we do not feel great, but we never worry about our digital health, even though we’re online more than ever before. It’s time to make a change and to boost our digital health, no?

Admittedly, this topic is not my usual subject on the blog. But when they asked me to write about this topic I felt like this is a good subject for me to write about. I’m online with a lot of private manners, mainly because of this blog, and am thus vulnerable when it comes my privacy. On top I work at Telenet, one of the biggest Telecom companies in Belgium. Since we handle a lot of personal data, this topic is close to my heart both on personal and professional level.

And that’s where this blogpost comes in, because I would love to give you guys some tips on how to protect yourself better in this digital world with some easy tricks.

Time for a digital bootcamp!

Even though I’m good at giving you a few tips and tricks, the Center for Cyber Security Belgium can do it even better. They launched the website to quickly and accurately inform Belgian citizens and advise on cyber and online security. to boost your digital health

Digital health tips

There are a whole bunch of tips to give you, some are personal and some come from the Safeonweb website.

  • Make a unique password. A good password is key. A lot of people take easy passwords to remember them better, but it’s better to take a really personal password that is only easy for you. For example the name of your first smartphone model with the number of your first house and a question mark, resulting in SamsungS485A? for example. A password that’s easy for you to remember but difficult to hack.
  • Change your password often. At Telenet, we have to update our password every month. A bit annoying sometimes but so secure!
  • Update your anti-virus software and let it run. A lot of people have anti-virus software on their computer. But people forget to both update  and run it, and this makes the software less effective ofcourse.
  • Do the Digital Health Index test. This test asks 15 questions about updates, back-ups, phishing, anti-virus software and passwords. Based on your answers you’ll get an indication of how securely you behave ànd good tips on how to improve your digital health. Afterwards you can also compare your score with the Digital Health Index.

Next to the Digital Health Index you’ll also find information, tips and testimonials on  In addition, E-lifestyle coaches Evy Gruyaert & Julie Taton show how it should be done in some funny videos.

So go on, boost your digital health for 2019. That’s an original new year’s resolution, isn’t it?

Big kiss,

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