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Barnängen: Swedish beauty

Barnängen: Swedish beauty

Barnängen is one of my favorite low budget brands for bodycare. And now they launched some new products to get us through the cold winter, hooray!

I already wrote a blogpost about the Swedish beauty brand Barnängen. I love the pretty packaging but most of all I love the amazing scents of the products. Their Sauna Relax bath & shower gel is my absolute favorite.

Barnängen: Swedish beauty handcreams

And this winter they’ve launched some new products, specifically to get us through the colder days. They added two handcreams to their range, Balance and Kärlek. The first is for dry hands and is enriched with corn flower. Kärlek is specifically for sensitive hands and contains blackberry. Both handcreams have 5% protecting cold cream – to keep your hands soft and hydrated all through winter.

Barnängen: Swedish beauty shower gels

The Berry Boost bath & shower gel is an addition to the existing Nordic Rituals line. The Berry Boost is an uplifting product with the scent of forest fruits (super sweet). It’s a real energy boost for the skin!

At last, there’s the new Nordic Pure line. The most pure shower products in their offer. Without parabens, sulfates and pigments. The Pure & Energizing showergel is with mineral salts (love the smell!) and is perfect for all skin types. The Pure & smoothing showergel is with red sea algae and smooths the sensitive skin.

You can buy the whole Barnängen line at Di or Delhaize. The handcreams are €4,99. The shower gels €5,99.

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Counting down to Christmas pt.3: The Ritual of Yalda

Rituals launched a new limited winter edition and it’s one of my favorites so far! The Ritual of Yalda is a collection that is inspired by an ancient Persian festival where warmth and light is honored during the dark & cold days. Watermelon and pomegranate are the two main ingredients, a unique combination with a surprising but cosy fragrance as a result! Curious?

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Advent calendar week: L’Occitane

L'Occitane Advent Calendar 2018

I know, I know, the advent calendar countdown has already begun, but I just couldn’t skip this last one. The L’occitane calendar is always a real treat to find under my tree. And I just know some of you guys are always super last minute too, no? 😉 Go on, I know you’re curious!

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Advent calendar week: Babor

Yay! It’s advent calendar week. This means I’m presenting a new beauty calendar every day. Yep, you heard that right! First up, the Babor advent calendar. And I have some amazing news, because I can spoil you guys with one too!

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Salon smooth legs with Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa

Braun is one of those brands with a clear mission: making women’s lifes easier. They want every woman to look at their best, all day every day. And that’s why they launched their newest Silk-épil 9 to get the smoothest and softest skin without going to the spa, and most important of all, without (a lot of) pain while epilating. Pinky promise, this tool will become your new bathroom buddy.

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