Yves Rocher Sebo Pure Vegetal

Ever since I stopped taking the pil (for almost a year now), my skin has got greasier again. I’ve always had a greasy skin but the pil kept this under control. It’s not fun to be 27 and have an unclear skin… Sound familiar? Luckily, the new Sebo Pure Vegetal range from Yves Rocher is made specifically for girls like us!

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My way to a clear skin with Clarins

As you might know, I have been struggling with an impure skin since I was young. I have tried a bizillion things already and although it has improved a great bit, I could still use a targetted routine for my skin. Thanks to Clarins, I now have a ritual that is suited for my skin type.

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Garnier bio: natural skincare

The past years there has been more focus on natural ingredients in beauty products. A trend that I’m fond of too. I love to treat my skin with the most natural products so this new Garnier bio launch has made me all excited.

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Lush Easter collection

Lush always launches the nicest seasonal products. And with Easter coming closer, they bring us in the eggs & bunnies atmosphere with the cutest new products. And as always, sweet for our planet!

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My Clinique ID

Clinique launches another skincare product that is both revolutionary and innovative. The most fun part about it? You can mix & match to find your perfect Clinique ID!

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Kiehl’s skin pampering

Kieh'ls x Bannecker skincare

Kiehl’s is one of those brands that has been high on my wishlist but that I had not tried out in depth before. But this month I got to discover two of their best selling-products, the Kiehl’s Calendula toner and bodylotion.

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Kruidvat launches SS’19

Kruidvat is one of those brands that is able to deliver high-quality products for a low price. I’m absolutely head over heels with their Super Lash Serum but there are tons of good products that they produce and that even often win ‘best buy’ prices. So I’m always pretty excited when they launch new products. I’ll present them to you!

Kruidvat Skin Science Eye Serum

Skin Science

First up is the Skin Science Eye Serum. My hopes were high with this one, bye bye bags under the eyes! Unfortunately I wasn’t that impressed, it felt kind of sticky and too hard and my eyes first turned red a bit (and I don’t have a sensitive skin). I’ve read online that a lot of people are not head over heels with this product. Too bad! But you can always try it out once, some people really love it and the price is affordable.

The Skin Science Cleansing Cream is meant to be used with the cleansing brush. This product has been on the market for some time and I’m a fan. If you want a good cleansing brush but don’t want to pay €100 for it, this is a good alternative!

Kruidvat Pure Micellair Water and Scrub

Pure range

The Pure range is for the young acne-prone skin. My skin isn’t that young anymore but unfortunately I still get ance sometimes and my skin is quite oily. I always use a cleanser so the micellair water is perfect for me, it cleanses my skin from all impurities and leaves it soft and fresh. The scrub is also great, but it can leave my skin a bit dry afterwards. In any case, they do the trick for a low price!

Kruidvat Originals charcoal nose strips and cleansing wipes

Charcoal nosestrips and cleansing wipes

These charcoal nosestrips are so effective! It’s also for the unclear skin and the strips help you get rid of those annoying black points. I am such a fan of these strips. The charcoal ones make it less easy to see the impurities you take off but they do the trick too! The charcoal cleansing wipes are fun and smell nice but it’s a bit the same as with the strips, you don’t really see the dirt you take off (and I’m secretly a sucker for that).

Brow Tattoo

The product I was most excited about was the Brow Tattoo. A sort of semi-permanent coloring of your brows. I tried it out and left the gel on for 30 minutes (they say you need to leave it on 2 hours for the best result). The taking off part wasn’t that easy but I did see a difference. However when you shower, the whole effect is gone, which is a bit weird because it should stay 3-5 days but who doesn’t shower 3-5 days? A bit disappointed in this product after all.

Kruidvat Darjeeling & damascus rose scented candle

Home perfumes

But we’re ending this blogpost on a really positive note because I love love love the home launces from Kruidvat. Their scented candles are big and they spread the perfume through your whole house. It’s crazy that you only pay €4. That’s an amazing price! The same goes for their fragrance sticks. I’m a big fan!

All in all my opinion on the new products is mixed but definitely try them out yourselves, perhaps you’ll love it and you won’t loose a lot of money over it so you can still buy yourself that pretty dress afterwards.

Big kiss,

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