Dry but cheerful January with Vintense

The Christmas holidays are such fun days, but let’s be honest, we often drink a bit too much alcohol, no? (Well, not for me this time ofcourse because hello little baby!) That’s why there is now also Dry January. Yep, like Tournée Minerale but then already in January! Or maybe you wanna go extra crazy & skip alcohol two months? 😉 In any case, with Vintense you will not miss the alcohol, promise!

A yummy solution for my sober months

I already got to try out Vintense Ice mocktails during summer, and my o my I loved it! I was not yet pregnant back then but was sooo happy that I already discovered this brand for when I would be. At this moment I am almost 18 weeks pregnant (wow, still can’t believe it!) and have thus been ‘sober’ for quite a few months already.

But no worries, I am surviving perfectly thanks to Vintense. During the summer I discovered the Vintense Ice mocktails but for the holiday parties this is a bit ‘weird’ to toast with, right? Luckily, Vintense also has ‘Fine Bubbles’ which looks like cava. Does it taste like cava too? No not exactly, the alcoholic taste is ofcourse difficult to fake. Do I like it? Hell YES! It’s super yummy and not as sweet as the other non-alcoholic drinks out there. This is because they first make ‘real’ cava & then remove the alcohol. The taste is fresh, sparkly & gives you a festive feeling. Did I toast to the new year? Oh yes I did!

Dry January

I also love to drink a glass of cava after work or during the weekend, just to finish off the day or before our dinner. It’s so fun to be able to still do this together even when I am pregnant. This weekend we also went over to my parents-in-law and they always offer us something (alcoholic :-)) to drink. For the holidays they already bought the Vintense white wine for me (the Sauvignon Blanc is so good!) but this time I surprised them with a non-alcoholic ‘aperitiefke’.

0% alcohol, 100% fun

To make it a bit more special I also made two mocktails with the Fine Bubbles. One tastes a bit like a mojito, which my father-in-law really liked. 🙂 The other is a bit more ‘tequila sunrise’ minded, without the tequila that is. 😉 I sacrificed myself to drink that one & my mother-in-law went for a fancy glass of ‘Fine Bubbles’. We had a super cosy afternoon and all felt great the day after. 😉

I am sure that, even when I am not pregnant anymore I will often still prefer a glass of Vintense over cava or wine – it’s better for your body & it’s as yummy too! You can find Vintense in most supermarkets (so no excuse to not join Tournée Minerale next month ;-))

With love,


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