Waking up happy with Collishop

Ah, sleep. You remember that you always wanted to stay up late, reading with a flashlight under your bedsheets when you were younger? Well, I love to go to bed ever since I became an ‘adult’ (you can decide what you define as adult ;-)). Thanks to Collishop I now even have a better night’s rest with the Essenza bedsheets & Philips Somneo wake up light.

Soft & warm bedsheets

Collishop is known for it’s qualitative products that you can pick up in a Colruyt near to you – very handy to combine with your groceries shopping. My favorite? Their bedsheets. Affordable and with a high quality. The bedsheets from Essenza have been on my bed for quite some time, but it’s only recently that I discovered the fabric ‘cotton satin’. Yep, you heard that right. The soft touch of satin with the warmth of cotton. Perfect during summer since the fabric is cool but also super nice in winter because it easily warms up once you’re underneath the sheets. The designs are always super pretty & this yellow and black one looks pretty cool, don’t you think?

Philips Somneo alarm clock

On top, I also got to try out the Philips Somneo wake up light. And well, it’s not only a wake up light but also a ‘go to sleep’ light. Ok, so how does it work? If you have trouble falling asleep you can use the relax mode to become totally relaxed. You can use light or sound to calm your breathing or you can set a ‘sunset’, that way the light softly dims, which mimics a sunset. That way, your body prepares for the night.

Waking up happy

A wake up light is ofcourse mostly known for helping you get up easier. I am a morning person, but Glenn is an absolute snoozer. This alarm clock mimics a sunrise. For example, you have to get up at 7 and want the sunrise to last 30 minutes, the light slowly goes on at 6.30 and changes from red to orange to yellow until you wake up. On top, you can also choose to add the radio or some relaxing sounds to make your morning even more relaxing.

The verdict

We really like the wake up function, but have noticed that we miss the sunrise until it’s quite bright haha. The music function is great, but only starts when the ‘end’ of the sunrise is reached, it would be nice to also have this earlier with a volume that slowly increases too. The relaxing fuction works great, I always miss the ending of the sunset because I am already asleep. If you feel upset or stressed after a busy day the breathing exercises also really help.

How about you, what works for you to have a good night’s rest?

Big kiss,


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