Black & Decker Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Ok, we can’t talk about beauty & fashion all the time, right? Because we all now it’s not rainbows & puppies all day every day. You also got to do the dishes, wash dirty clothes and keep your house clean. And I must admit, I do get really happy when I get a new household toy to keep my house clean. Yep, that’s called adulting. But believe me, the investment in this Black & Decker vacuum cleaner will make you have way more time for the rainbows & puppies!

Vacuum cleaner without a cord?

When we bought our hose two and a half years ago, we received a cordless vacuum cleaner from my parents-in-law. It was the most useful gift I ever received! Never vacuumed without a cord before? Let me tell you, once you have tried it you don’t ever want to return! No cords that get stuck or are too short and there’s no hassle with changing the dirt bags.

Hello Black & Decker cordless buddy!

So, I already have some experience with cordless vacuum cleaners. So when Black & Decker announced they were launching a cordless vacuum cleaner as well, I got way too excited about a household tool, haha. I thought my current vacuum cleaner was already great, but this one is just superb! Why? Let me tell you!

Up to one hour of vacuuming!

First of all, you have way more runtime to clean your house, so you can even vacuum in the smallest nooks. With my current vacuum cleaner I have around 20 minutes until the battery dies. With the Black & Decker, you have almost an hour of runtime! (this depends on the intensity you use – because yep, there are also three intensity vacuum levels!). On top, you can change the batteries immediately so if you have two Black&Decker accu’s you can just keep going (your house has never been so clean!)You

Light up my floor

Second, they built in a light in front of your cleaner. Uh, ok? No honestly, it’s so handy! You can really see the small dirt spots so you don’t miss any dust. I didn’t know I missed it, up until I had it!

Perfect for your small friends too

Third, this special ‘Pet’ edition is perfect for when you have a cat or dog at home. They tend to loose a lot of hair and it’s a real challenge to clean this. But the new vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker has a special anti-tangle bar so that the hairs don’t get stuck. Luckily Jax doesn’t loose any hair, but I do! The boyfriend is very happy about this feature, hehe.

As easy as 1,2,3

Last but not least, you clean the reservoir & the filter in 1-2-3. I must admit, I never cleaned the filter of our other vacuum cleaner before (didn’t know this was necessary, oops). But with this system, you can clean out the reservoir & the filter at once! That way your vacuum cleaner will keep performing at it’s best.

The vacuum cleaner has already been launched on and in Krëfel & will be available in a lot of stores as of November, so a perfect item for your Christmas wishlist! And that’s not all, in November you get a second battery for free to keep going (but let’s keep it as short as possible. ;-)). The result? Your house is clean in a blink of an eye & your pet can keep doing his thing without worrying about losing too much hair. 😉 Jax is already happy about it!

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