OOTD: It’s a wild wild world

Hi loves. Another outfit post this time. Because yes, I went shopping at Noba Fashion. And yes, I might have found a bunch of pretty stuff. This dress is perfect to transition into fall. Because no, I’m not yet ready to give up on bare legs!

I always try to avoid wearing stockings as long as possible. They always break or I am out of stockings with no holes. So during the in-between seasons I try to keep my bare legs as long as possible. Sure, I’ll add a sweater, a jacket and a scarf. But stockings, no not yet please. Sounds familiar?

This leopard spotted dress is perfect for the month of October. I combined it with a hat and kept the rest of the outfit simple to give full attention to the dress.

As for my personal life, it’s been though. I am trying to slow down as much as possible. Yoga, mindfullness, reading books,… Just taking care of myself. I do find distraction in my work too, which helps a lot. This journey is really challenging me on a bunch of aspects, but I hope it will only make me stronger in the end (which I also believe).

Hat – H&M

Dress – Noba Fashion

Handbag – Noba fashion

Heels – 3 Suisses

With love,


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