Mocktail party with VINTENSE ICE!

Hi loves! My o my, long time no blogpost! Didn’t know it has been so long. It have been a rough couple of weeks (will definitely tell you more about it in the ‘Onze PCOS reis’ sequel) but here I am with something I am sure you will love! Mocktails! Yep, so no alcohol here, but fun & yummy drinks guaranteed with Vintense ICE cocktails.

No alcohol, no party?

As you all probably know by now, I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time now. Since we are in a whole medical journey, and it weighs on my emotional, physical and financial situation, I try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. It has been clearly proven that alcohol reduces your fertility & your chances of getting pregnant. But I often feel like a ‘party pooper’ when I just order a coke.

I have to admit, I miss drinking a nice glass of cava or wine, just because I associate it with fun & friends. A regular soda does not have the same association for me. When we’re in a beach bar however, I can choose out of a bunch of mocktails and I always get that festive mood when joining in with a mocktail. But making mocktails every time is quite time-consuming.

Vintense ICE cocktails

And this is where Vintense ICE comes in. They have made it their mission to make people enjoy a party without alcohol. Honestly, I have tried a couple of these ‘alcohol-free’ alternatives and I was not that convinced. Ever tried wine without alcohol? Well, let me tell you, don’t go there. But ever tried one of the cocktails from Vintense ICE? Well, let me tell you, do go there! And go there multiple times even, to try out the different flavors!

Three cocktail flavors

No honestly, I am so glad I got the chance to get to know this brand because it will make my alcohol free life so much easier & yummier! There are three cocktails, based on the famous alcoholic versions. Americano Spritz, Hugo and Bellini. Those last two are just to die for and you barely notice the difference with the original ones.

For me, it’s the whole package that fits 100%. The bottles are festive, the recipe is perfectly balanced and the cocktails look yummy too. No one will even notice you’re not drinking alcohol! And I think the people who àre drinking alcohol will even be jealous of you.

Gift idea

These cocktails are also a great gift, or perfect to serve when you have friends of family over who don’t (often) drink alcohol. Just take out a nice glass, decorate it a bit and BOOM, there’s that absolute holiday feeling.

Got you excited, right?! You can buy these cocktails in almost every supermarket. Summer holidays might be (almost) over but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine anymore! So hurry on up, get yourself a bottle of Vintense ICE and enjoy a nice evening with your loves ones.

Big kiss,


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