Yves Rocher Sebo Pure Vegetal

Ever since I stopped taking the pil (for almost a year now), my skin has got greasier again. I’ve always had a greasy skin but the pil kept this under control. It’s not fun to be 27 and have an unclear skin… Sound familiar? Luckily, the new Sebo Pure Vegetal range from Yves Rocher is made specifically for girls like us!

The first product is the purifying lotion. Just put it on a cotton pad and rinse away the day (and all make up and dirt ;-)). The scent is simply heaven and already gets you in a relaxed mood. I use it in the morning and the evening and feel my skin getting more cleansed every time. Definitely one of my favorite products in the range!

The second is the ‘SOS Anti-puistjes’. You can put it on a pimple and then it will disappear quicker. I have tried many of these products before and must be honest that, for me, it doesn’t work. When I have a burst of acne, it will only go away after quite some time.

The hydrating cream is another one that proves to deliver great results! It keeps my face shine-free but hydrated at the same time. Love it!

Mask time!

And then there’s the two masks. I’m a real mask lover, so you can already guess that these ones are high on my favorites list! The 3-in-1 scrub is perfect to get your skin healthy & glowy again without those hateful blackheads. Do not expect miracles, your blackheads will not immediately be gone but you’ll definitely notice the difference. The deep cleansing mask with charcoal smells soooo nice. I love to put it on after a stressful day (both for me & my skin ;-)). Just keep it on for 10 minutes and rinse off.

I have been trying out the whole range for two weeks now and can really feel the difference. My skin has gotten way less greasy and more healthy. Bye bye unclear skin!

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