Summerproof hair

Sunshine is good for our vitamin D and our pretty tanned color, but it can be harmful for our skin and hair. We have sunscreen to protect our skin, but we also need some treatment for the hair, no? Luckily, hair care brands totally got the picture this year!

L’Oréal already has the solar sublime line for quite some time. The collection has a shampoo, mask and invisible spray. The invisible spray is my absolute go-to when I’m on holiday. It protects my hair against UV and keeps it all shiny. This line does what it promises for a reasonable price between €18 and €26.

The Redken Color Extend Sun line is quite new on the market and is not yet that elaborate. It contains an after sun shampoo and mask. The rehydrating mask is an absolute savior after a lot of sun exposure. That way not only your skin looks pretty after that tanning session, but your hair will also sparkle like never before!

Kérastase has been researching sun protective haircare for over 30 years, and now they launched a renewed ‘Soleil’ line. The ‘Soleil’ line contains coconut water for hydration, babassu-oil for soft hair, uv-filter to protect your locks and vitamin E to reduce breakage.

What I love most about the product is the amazing scent, which they updated this year. You can find hints of yasmin, ylang ylang and coconut. A real floral and summery scent!

The collection now has four products. The shampoo, mask, crème uv sublime and huile sirene. The crème is my favorite, since it makes my hair soft, hydrated and shiny all while protecting my locks against UV. The huile sirene is a two-phase oil for those typical sexy beachwaves. The huile sirene defines the hair and adds some texture. You’ll get shiny and amazing locks with a real ‘Victoria’s Secret’ vibe. I can’t wait to try this one out on holiday next week! The products cost between €21 and €37.

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