Icon haircare: ecological and effective

When they asked me if I wanted to try out the I.C.O.N. products I was quite curious. I hadn’t heard of the brand but as I love to discover new brands, I enthusiastically said yes. I tried out the range for a month and I’ll tell you more about it.

Let’s first talk about the Smooth line. This 3-step ritual is perfect for people who have frizzy hair like me. The wash is the traditional shampoo, but you have to really smooth out your hair for a couple of minutes to get rid of that frizz. Afterwards you can add the bath, a conditioner. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse off. Smooth is a styling product, so perfect for me to use before straightening my hair. Afterwards my frizz is not all gone but I really see a difference!

The ‘Shift’ is my absolute favorite. This is a detox treatment that you can use to thoroughly cleanse your hair once in a while. You can use it on dry hair before stepping in the shower. Really massage it into your hair and leave in for two minutes. Your hair feels super clean afterwards! I can’t miss it anymore in my beauty routine.

Drench is a shampoo for dry hair. These often tend to make my hair a bit greasy but this one does what it promises, it cleanses and hydrates my hair at once. Follow up with Infusion, an intensive treatment for your locks. The scent is also super nice!

As a conclusion I can say that I’m pretty pleased about these I.C.O.N. products. They are ecological, affordable and do what they promise.

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