My way to a clear skin with Clarins

As you might know, I have been struggling with an impure skin since I was young. I have tried a bizillion things already and although it has improved a great bit, I could still use a targetted routine for my skin. Thanks to Clarins, I now have a ritual that is suited for my skin type.

The first is Re-move, a purifying cleansing gel. Even though I prefer a lotion to cleanse, I feel like a cleasing gel once in a while is perfect to clear your skin thoroughly. This one leaves my skin soft and mattified! The Re-fresh is a beautifying mist, I don’t really use this often in my beauty routine but do prefer it in summer to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated.

The Re-charge is one of my favorites! A sleeping mask that has the scent of an after sun and that totally relaxes you before going to bed. This rebalancing night cream and mask recharges your skin while you have your beauty sleep for healthy-looking and glowy skin in the morning.

The two products specifically for an unclear skin are the Pore-less stick and Clear-out. The Pore-less stick is perfect to apply before your daycream to get even skin, or in the day when you have a bit of trouble with shiny spots. It’s so handy to take with you! The clear-out is specifically to attack break-outs. It works miracles! Just apply it on the blemished area and after one or two days it will be gone. An extra plus, it also smells nice!

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