The Body Shop Spring launches

The Body Shop always know to surprise us with fun new scents and products. On the menu today: the new Cacatus Blossom collection and an energizing coffee scrub! The best food for your skin.

Need a boost in the morning but don’t like coffee? Then this intense awakening mask with Nicaraguan coffee is perfect for you! (& me). It warms your skin – so perfect to wake up to, and exfoliates your skin at the same time. After applying the mask your skin looks awakened, cleared of impurities and radiant.

I do love the scent of coffee and feel more energized after applying it. My skin also looks awakened and fresh. And my pores seem refined after a few applications too!

The second new launch is the cactus blossom line. A limited and exclusive edition! I can honestly tell, I had no idea what cactus blossom smelled like. I’ve never seen a cactus in bloom though. 🙂 But the scent is really nice!

The line is all about skincare. A shower gel and scrub to join you under that hot water. And a body butter and body yoghurt (my favorite!) to moisture your skin during some well deserved me-time. The perfect combination to get you all excited for the sunshiny weather!

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