Garnier bio: natural skincare

The past years there has been more focus on natural ingredients in beauty products. A trend that I’m fond of too. I love to treat my skin with the most natural products so this new Garnier bio launch has made me all excited.

The philosophy of Garnier Bio is that there’s an ideal plant for every skintype. Lemongrass for the combined skin, argan for the dry and sensitive skin, thyme for a greasy skin and lavender and cornflower for all skintypes. There’s always that one product that is just right for you.

The products are certified by ECOCERT, 100% vegan and with recycable packaging. So apart from being good for you, they’re also good for the planet!

They launched 11 different products, from micellair water to daycreams and facial oil. My favorite products that I’ve already tried out is the perfectioning toner with thyme and the argan daycream. These two work magic together.

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