L’Oréal rapid restore & steam mask

We all want shiny and healty locks. To achieve this, I have to use a conditioner or mask after every shower, but this sometimes takes some time. And we all know that time is money. So L’Oréal Elsève launched an innovative product, a conditioner with the strength of a mask. On top, their steam masks give you a spa feeling at home!

I tried out the Total Repair 5 and Dream Long restore. The Total Repair does what is promised, I have been using this line for quite some time and this new addition meets up to my expectations. The Dream Long is a bit more difficult to say, it would help to keep your long hair and to not have split ends but unfortunately my hair never wants to grow. 😉

The second launch are the steammasks. These are a bit more time-consuming but I really love to do this! I would fill up a bath, put on a facial mask and my steam mask. You really get the feeling you’re in a salon! Afterwards your locks are soft and shiny, just make sure to rinse well!

The best about these products is ofcourse the price, the prices are really affordable so perfect when you’re a bit short on budget! Prices are between €4 and €5.

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