Lush Easter collection

Lush always launches the nicest seasonal products. And with Easter coming closer, they bring us in the eggs & bunnies atmosphere with the cutest new products. And as always, sweet for our planet!

Lush is known for their natural, cruelty-free and plastics free products. And this time round their Easter collection is also 100% vegan. The products are also naked, so they are free of any plastics and ready to use in a heartbeat. What I like most about these naked products? The fact that your bathroom smells amazing! No need for an extra house perfume because you get it for free with the naked Lush products.

There are four products I’d love to present to you. My favorite? The Brontosaurus for sure! This a-typical bath bomb is pure fun for young & old. The scent is bergamot with grapefruit so you get an abosolute positivity boost!

The Beak Street shower bomb smells like popcorn! My o my, that’s some poppin’ fun right there. The natural cornflour is perfect for a soft scrubbing session too.

Want a more intense scrubbing party? The Cocoa sugar scrub smells like… chocolate! The scrub with cocoa, sugar and aloë vera gives your skin a soft and hydrated touch. This one smells so nice and afterwards my skin was like a baby’s skin.

The last product is the Carrot shower oil. This shower oil is extremly hydrating. The ingredients are cocoa, shea butter and carrot and give you the extra Vitamin E and hydration you need! You also get a real energy boost from the scent, I always use this one in the morning and love it to wake up happy and energized.

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