My Clinique ID

Clinique launches another skincare product that is both revolutionary and innovative. The most fun part about it? You can mix & match to find your perfect Clinique ID!

What is this Clinique ID all about? I’ll tell you all the deets so that you are up & running with this new product! Clinique ID is a combination between the hydration you love and the treatment you need.

The base

It all starts with the analysis of your skin type. I got diagnosed with an oily combination skin. This means a greasy T-zone but dry cheeks. Based on this result you get advised a hydration base. For me, the ‘Dramatically different oil-control gel’ was the best fit. It hydrates your skin but keeps it non-greasy. If you’re more fan of a soft gel texture instead, you could also pick the Hydrating Jelly. For the really dry skins there’s the Moisturizing lotion.

The concentrate

You can choose out of five different cartridges. Green is for irritated skin, blue for pores and uneven skin texture, white for an uneven skin tone, orange for a fatigued skin and purple for lines and wrinkles. You can choose the concentrate that you long for the most for your skin. I dream of a porcelain skin so decided to go for the blue one.

Your favorite hydration base and concentrate get combined into your personal Clinique ID. With every pump you get 90% base and 10% concentrate.

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and really see a difference. My skin texture is more even, and my skin looks bright and healthy. I apply the product twice a day to get the best results. For your personal Clinique ID you pay €51,90.

With love,


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