Kiehl’s skin pampering

Kieh'ls x Bannecker skincare

Kiehl’s is one of those brands that has been high on my wishlist but that I had not tried out in depth before. But this month I got to discover two of their best selling-products, the Kiehl’s Calendula toner and bodylotion.

This holiday season, Kiehl’s launched a collaboration with artist Andrew Bannecker. The designs are cheerful and geometrical with a lot of vibrant colors. But what’s inside is what makes my heart beat even faster.

My opinion on body lotions was simple. A body lotion is a body lotion, it smells nice and leaves your skin soft but nothing more. But this Kiehl’s body lotion is a whole other lever of softness. It really nourishes my dry legs (in winter it’s the worst!). Even after two days my skin is still soft. And that sweet cocoa butter scent, love it!

The other product I got to try out was their Calendula herbal toner. It gently cleanes the skin from all impurities and is perfect for a normal to oily skin. I’m quite picky on cleansers since my skin is not that easy. But the Kiehl’s toner works it’s magic! My skin is cleansed and glowy. It’s also not dry after using it, but feels soft and nourished. Perfect to end the day with!

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