OOTD: Packing up for the new year with Gaston Luga

A new year with new adventures and I’m so ready for it. In this post I’ll show you my first outfit of the new year, with my pretty Gaston Luga backpack.

Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack
Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack

2018 was a pretty good year. The two biggest highlights? Our amazing trip to the Westcoast of America and the expansion of our family with little Jax.

Our trip to the Westcoast was the best trip ever. The nature is amazing and the cities are so breathtaking. I would love to rewind time and enjoy this trip once more. We also enjoyed being with two for three weeks in a row. Love was all around!

But the absolute highlight was ofcourse little pupper Jax joining our family. I never thought I would love him as much as I do. He’s so sweet and listens really well to us too. Oh, and did I mention he’s cute?

The end of 2018 was a bit less nice as the rest of the year and has been fairly heavy. But I’ll tell you more about it when it’s the right time, I promise. So I hope the beginning of 2019 will bring us a bit more happiness again!

Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack
Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack
Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack

As for the outfit itself, I am wearing a tee from the new Dutch brand Wanted but wild. I had the honour to get to know Sophie, who invented the brand, and she’s one of the sweetest (and prettiest!) girls I have ever met. I love the minimalistic but cool design of the T-shirt, how about you?

My new backpack from the Swedish brand Gaston Luga completes the look. I absolutely love the design. As you might guess, I’m not a real backpack girl. But this design is perfect for girls like me, it’s handy and cool but still pretty feminine. You can get 15% off with my code ‘candh’. Enjoy my loves.

Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack

For 2019, I wish all your dreams come true. Love as much as you can, laugh as much as you can and never stop dreaming!

Outfit with Gaston Luga backpack

T-shirt – Wanted but wild

Cardigan – Pull&Bear

Jeans – Guts&Gusto

Backpack – Gaston Luga

Boots – 3Suisses

With love,

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