Babyliss Smooth & Wave

Are you one of those girls that loves to experiment with her hair? One day straight, the other day a ponytail and the next day curls? Then this Babyliss Smooth & Wave is your match made in heaven!

Curls or straight, you choose!

The Smooth & Wave is a device that you can use for both sleek hair and for wavy curls. Babyliss already has a bunch of straighteners (with this one being my favorite) and curling irons (with the Curl Secret being the most famous) but now they launched a curl iron and straightener in one – for those girls who can’t choose!

How to use?

The device is easy to use, you can first select if you want curls or straight hair. When you decide to go for a wavy look, you can choose the direction of your curls. Either left, right or random. At last, you can decide the temperature based on your hair. If you straighten your hair you have to run the device over your hair. It first gets sucked in and then you have to move it down. When you make curls your hair also gets ‘sucked in’, you have to wait 8 beeps until the signal says your curl is ready. Take it out carefully and let it rest.

A lot of people say that this technology gets your hair stuck in the device. I have tested both the Curl Secret and the Smooth & Wave and never had such an issue. When I take too much hair the device just gives an error signal and stops working.

The verdict?

I straighten my hair on a daily basis, but I don’t think I will use the Smooth & Wave for this job. It’s difficult to straighten the small hairs or the curls close to my head. When you just want to smooth your hair a bit and not take out all your curls I think it works well, but for a real curlyhead like me the straightener is a bit too difficult to use. I love the curler however, it works really well, even on shoulder-length hair. It’s so difficult to make curls but the Smooth & Wave makes easy and pretty curls. I think it takes around 10 minutes to do my whole hair.

So as a conclusion, if you want a good curling iron and sometimes need a straightener for some small touch ups, then this is the perfect device for you. If you straighten your hair daily I would advice to just buy the Curl Secret.

You can buy the Smooth & Wave device here.

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