Counting down to Christmas pt.6: Hunkemöller cosy collection

My most favorite part about winter and the countdown to Christmas? Soft and cuddly pyjama’s! I love to wrap myself up in a warm pj and relax on the couch all day while looking at a romantic holiday movie. And Hunkemöller always designs exactly what I need! Every year I buy at least two of their pyjama’s since they’re just way too cute!

Hunkemöller is one of those brands that always seems to get me when it comes to sleepwear. And that’s not easy, because I got a lot of wishes that need to be fulfilled. First of all, the pyjama needs to be warm. Nothing too thin or light, just give me a lot of warmth because these Belgian winters can be quite cold! Second, it needs to be soft. I know, a funny requirement, but let’s be honest – we all love soft materials the most, no? Third, it needs to look pretty. Yes, I know, you don’t go outside with your pyjama on, but still. I’m a fashion blogger, everything needs to look pretty. 😉 When the mailman rings, I want to open the door and still look a bit decent. Anyway, I think there are some Hunkemöller employees who have the same requirements because every year they fulfill all my wishes!

Hunkemoller cosy collection pyjama

This year, they went for a lot of fleece. Not always perceived as the most fashionable buuuut HKM knows how to make it fashionable! And fleece is one of the softest materials out there! The pyjama I’m wearing is also from fleece and is way too cute. Can I have a reindeer as a pet please? (Not sure how that will match with Jax though).

Since their pj’s are also super affordable, it’s a perfect Christmas present for either yourself or someone you love. I gave a HKM pyjama to my mom last year, and she absolutely loved it! I also got a second one on my own wish list. Because you can never have too many cosy pyjama’s, right? (I think Glenn disagrees though)

Hunkemöller cosy collection pyjama

Fleece sweater – Hunkemöller

Fleece pants – Hunkemöller

With love,

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