Counting down to Christmas pt.3: The Ritual of Yalda

Rituals launched a new limited winter edition and it’s one of my favorites so far! The Ritual of Yalda is a collection that is inspired by an ancient Persian festival where warmth and light is honored during the dark & cold days. Watermelon and pomegranate are the two main ingredients, a unique combination with a surprising but cosy fragrance as a result! Curious?

The ritual

Ah, Rituals, I’ve already told a couple of times how big my love for this brand is. And this time round they of course do it again (Rituals, if you’re reading this, do you have an open vacancy by any chance? ;-)).  Their winter scent, called Ritual of Yalda, is based on a beautiful festival. During this ceremony the winter is welcomed with a big bang! Families and friends come together, give each other the best wishes and eat the last summer fruits, like pomegranate and watermelon – the two main ingredients of this collection. These fruits are known for their calming benefits and their rich amount of antioxidants. Perfect to protect our skin during those freezing cold days.

The products

My favorites from this collection? The fragrances for inside! The candle not only looks super pretty but also smells amazing. You can compare it a bit with the scent of a warm fire and some sweet berries added to the mix. It immediately creates a cosy vibe – I love it! The fragrance sticks are a bit more fresh but also spread a wintery aroma.

Other typical products in the collection are the shower gel and body butter. But there are also some special products in this collection and I’d like to talk a bit more about these. As you know, I’m an absolute bath addict – especially in the winter! Their Fizzing bath bombs, which are exclusive to this collection, are very high on my Christmas wish list! You receive three luxurious and handmade bath bombs. Hello hours of relaxation!

A last special product is the Wishing Box. I already ordered this one to give as a present with Christmas since I think it’s such a beautiful ritual. During the festival, everyone gathers around a long table and reads poems from the poet Hafez. Afterwards, everyone at the table can make a wish. The Wishing Box is based on this principle. It consists of a ceramic bowl, perfumed wishing paper and a box of matches. You take a piece of paper, write down your wish, put the paper on fire and blow it out.

May your winter be short and your heart warm. May all your wishes come true.

Do you love the new Rituals line too?

Big kiss,

(Wow Rituals, really wow. You guys blew me away with this collection!)

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