Advent calendar week: Babor

Yay! It’s advent calendar week. This means I’m presenting a new beauty calendar every day. Yep, you heard that right! First up, the Babor advent calendar. And I have some amazing news, because I can spoil you guys with one too!

The calendar

Babor is famous for their ampoule concentrates. So they thought, why not make an advent calendar with an ampoule every day, so you look at your absolute best when the holiday season begins. Because let’s be honest, we all spent a couple of hours in the bathroom before our Christmas and NYE party, no? Well, thanks to this calendar you won’t need any make up anymore!

Behind each one of the calendar doors hides an ampoule concentrate. The 24 different ampoules are in a coördinated order so that your skin gets what it needs at the right moment. After using these concentrates your skin will look revitalized and firm. Hello Christmas holidays!

Spoiler alert! If you want to be surprised by what’s inside, skip this part!

What’s inside?

In total there are 10 different ampoules in the calendar, each ampoule is included two or three times except for the Hydra Plus concentrate.

  • 1x Hydra Plus- Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin.
  • 2x Algae Vitalizer- Plankton Algae helps to revive and protect your skins appearance.
  • 2x Perfect Glow- Thoroughly hydrates the skin, while a light-reflecting luminizer creates a youthful looking glow.
  • 3x Beauty Rescue- Provides strengthening to the skin’s physical barrier, immunity and moisture storage function.
  • 2x Stop Stress- Helps to calm and soothe the skin, thus reducing the appearance of stress-induced redness and irritation.
  • 3x Oxygen Plus- Energizes the skin cells with encapsulated oxygen and promotes skin cell regeneration while protecting against premature, environmentally induced aging.
  • 3x Active Night- Activates the cells vital for skin rejuvenation and supports the recovery process of the skin while you sleep.
  • 2x Lift Express – Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and generates a tangible physical firming effect.
  • 3x 3D-Firming – Helps to improve the appearance of firmness and elasticity on the skin’s surface.
  • 3x SeaCreation The Serum – Our most luxurious serum contains active marine ingredients that help support the skin’s own anti-aging functions and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of skin aging.
How To Use

Shake the ampoule before using. Open the ampoule and pour the concentrate out onto your hand. Spread it evenly over your face, neck, and if you prefer, decollete. You’ll see results after seven days. I used it for seven days in a row this summer and saw amazing results!

The advent calendar is worth €145 but Babor sells it for €69,90. You can order the calendar online OR you can try to win one on my Instagram. Good luck!

With love,

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