Counting down to Christmas pt.2: Give back to nature with The Body Shop

The Body Shop is all about giving back to nature. And this year, their Christmas collection is an ode to the enchanting wonders of the forest. With this collection they want to rebuilt 10 million square meters of woods. Are you ready to spoil yourself ànd nature at the same time?

Giving back to nature

We all love nature, don’t we? The amazing smell of a forest after the rain, the calming sounds of the birds and the soft rustling of the trees. But unfortunately, more and more trees are disappearing. This year, when you buy a product in one of the The Body Shop stores, you support the Woodland Trust. This is a non-profit organisation that tries to prevent wood cutting, so that the animals living in the forest can keep their natural habitat. Another amazing project they have is the realization of bio bridges. These bridges connect different nature reserves so that these animals can live together again.

The collection

Apart from me being excited about supporting this heart warming initiative, I’m also super thrilled about the products itself! My absolute favorite? Olivia the owl! Apart from the owl being way too cute, it’s also filled with six fun products. Handcreams, bath bombs and shower gels, perfect to brighten those dark days! (€18).

There are three limited edition scents, Peppermint Candy Cane, Berry Bon Bon and Vanilla Marshmallow. This last one is my favorite, vanilla is a typical scent but this one is quite surprising thanks to the marshmallow added to the recipe! You can buy them all three in a package for €12, perfect as a small gift! Of course they have a whole line of each of these scents, so you can buy the handcream, showergel, body butter ànd scrub of your favorite fragrance in a cute bag. Beauty overload!

A last cute product is the Born Lippy Butterfly, a cute butterfly filled with five lipbalms for soft and hydrated lips during the coldest days of the year.

Not what you’re looking for? You will definitely find something you like in their gifts section!

Big kiss,

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