Salon smooth legs with Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa

Braun is one of those brands with a clear mission: making women’s lifes easier. They want every woman to look at their best, all day every day. And that’s why they launched their newest Silk-épil 9 to get the smoothest and softest skin without going to the spa, and most important of all, without (a lot of) pain while epilating. Pinky promise, this tool will become your new bathroom buddy.

All about hair removal

I’m a lazy ass when it comes to hair removal. I just use razor blades. The least expensive, least painful and least time consuming option. Who’s with me on this? I think a lot of women are especially scared of epilating since it’s so painful. I tried it once with my mom’s epilady and told myself ‘NEVER AGAIN’. But when Braun asked me to try out their newest Silk-épil 9, I was quite curious. I first still asked some more sceptic questions, ‘are you suuuuure it’s not painful?’ before saying yes. After being reassured I decided to accept the collaboration, after all I started this blog to share my honest and personal experiences with you guys.

The epilator – my experience

Let’s first talk details a bit. What’s this Braun Silk-épil 9 all about? The main product is of course the epilator. This model has a new technology, SensoSmart, and ensures you use the correct amount of pressure while epilating. Pushing too hard? Then the red light will warn you. The product is also 100% waterproof so you can use it under the shower or in bath – warm water will help reduce the pain when epilating, and hallelujah, the difference between with or without water is huge! You probably just have one burning question, ‘Julie, is it painful, yes or no?’, to be honest, it’s not 100% painless, after all, your hairs still get pulled out so I don’t think it can ever be painless, but the pain is acceptable. Use it under water, this really makes a bit difference. For now I only tried it on my legs, but I’ll be brave and try it soon under my armpits too, but not sure if I’ll be able to handle the ‘pain’ there. 😉 The difference with shaving however is really amazing, I have soft legs for around a month, and the hairs that grow back are way softer than when you shave them off. Another plus, the pain is always less and less! So as a conclusion I can say that it’s probably less painful than you think. 

The other attachments

Apart from the epilator you get a bunch of other useful attachments. The deep exfoliation brush is perfect to prevent ingrown hairs while the gentle exfoliation brush is good to use on a daily or weekly basis to remove dead skin cells (hello soft legs). The deep massage pad massages your skin deeper than a regular body brush and helps to improve blood circulation – bye bye cellulite! To conclude, you have some face brushes to also cleanse your face. I always wanted a good face brush but it’s quite expensive so I’m super happy Braun also included this. After using all these tools I feel like I’ve went to an expensive spa.

What I mostly love about this product is that it makes my life so much easier. The epilating goes quickly (luckily!) and I only have to do it once a month. I also often use the other attachments so this tool has really become my bathroom buddy. I take a bath once a week (well, more like two or three times a week ;-)) and then I just do the whole shabam, epilating, exfoliating and cleansing – I love it!


Curious to try the Silk-épil 9 out too? Or maybe thinking about putting it on your Christmas list? Then I got some on-top good news for you! Up until the 21st of December you also get 30 euros cashback on the Silk-épil 9. On top, if you try it, and still think it’s too painful, you can return the product up to 100 days after your purchase and get a full refund! You can order the Silk-épil 9 here.

Big kiss,

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