Djo Bistro bar: 100% cosyness

I recently went to one of the cosiest restaurants in Brussels, Djo Bistro Bar in Saint-Gilles. This bar is all about food sharing, so the ultimate restaurant to go to with friends, or like me, with your loved one! And their varied menu is to die for.

I love the concept of food sharing, since I’m always in everyone’s plate. Yep, I’m that person that takes hours to choose from the different meals and then still wants to try everyone else’s too (Glenn finally accepted this after 10 years ;-)). So Djo is a restaurant made for me. They have a menu of different small servings and then you can choose which plates you’d like to share. Also super handy to discover some new flavors! They often switch their menu up and cook with seasonal products, which I always love.

We decided to go for the Thai scampi salad, the marinated ribs, the croque monsieur with truffle mayonnaise and the pastiflette. The ribs and the croque monsieurs were our absolute favorites! As dessert I couldn’t resist the chocolate fantasy recipe (I’m addicted to chocolate!). This was the best chocomousse I had ever eaten!

And then there’s the interior, and that’s probably the aspect I love the most about this bar. It’s in the vibrant city of Brussels, and on a busy street, but when you enter this bar it’s immediately super relaxed and cosy! If I’d ever open a restaurant I’d decorate it like this!

Do you also want to try out their food sharing concept for a cosy evening out? You can find all the information here.
Bon appétit,

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