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Wrinkles are the worst beauty enemy for a lot of women. And since botox is still not the ideal solution for this problem (we still want to look like we’re having fun), I was quite curious about the new launch from NEWA. They launched a revolutionary product that gives you a smooth and soft skin after one month. Bye bye wrinkles!

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of wrinkles yet – luckily! I’m only 26 and my skin is also quite greasy, and it’s said that this skintype is less prone to wrinkles, but still I also want to keep my skin shiny & pretty as long as possible. Hello NEWA ant-wrinkle to give me that ‘forever young’ face!

New technology

The NEWA device, together with the lift gel strengthens and smoothens your skin from the first use. Your collagen level increases, which results in less wrinkles and a tighter skin. The device is equipped with the newest technology, called 3DEEP Skin Science. The device penetrates the three upper skin layers to get exactly where you want to be and to stimulate the collagen production. Together with the lift gel, you’ll get the best results and look younger and more bright.

How to

So how does it work? You just activate the device, and make rotational movements on the part of your face you want to target. When the light is green, your skin is producing collagen. It’s also super nice to do, since your skin gets a soft warmth which is also perfect after a stressful dat. After four minutes your treatment is done. The first month it’s best to use it 5 times a week, after the first four weeks you can do it twice every week to maintain your results.


The tests they did had amazing results, they tested 403 women (which is a big trial) during a period of 12 weeks and saw that the elasticity raised with 50%, and the wrinkles were diminished with 36%! Especially this last result is amazing.

Discount code

The product is not cheap, you pay €349 which is quite an investment, but the results speak for themselves! And I got a code for you, newa-julie, that way you get 10% discount (35 euros!) on your order. This code is valid until 31/12, so what do you think, maybe a christmas gift for yourself?

Big kiss,

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