Kenzo Ki revitalization: an energy boost for the skin

Kenzo Ki is the smaller sister in the Kenzo family, and is all about skin care. Their newest line, the revitalization collection, is focused on giving your skin new energy. A perfect treatment for women who lack some hours of sleep each week.

In the new revitalization collection are five products, I got to try three of them. The first is the SOS roll-on mask. Say what, a roll-on mask? The metallic roll-on is perfect to evenly distribute the texture on your skin. On top, it also gives your skin a boosting massage ànd it’s perfect to use around the eyes. This mask gives your skin a real boost, for example perfect to use before going out after a busy work week. On top, the scent gives you an instant happy feeling – bye bye stress, hello happy face!

The exfoliating water is perfect to get rid of all the daily impurities. The product is made with ginger oil and liquorice, two ingredients  to calm and treat your skin. On top, the lemon extract exfoliates your skin. This baby is my go-to in the morning – perfect to wake your skin up thanks to the ginger extract! My skin looks smooth and clear after using the water.

The fresh micellair water for both face and eyes is suitable as soft make-up remover or as cleanser in the morning. The formula has, next to the ginger extract, also some Yuzu-extract which is known for its hydrating functionality. This one is my favorite to use in the morning since my skin is a bit dehydrated then. The water is also soft for your lashes, which I really need since mine are quite fragile.

And then there’s still the lotus mask – my absolute favorite. This product is not new but my god the scent is soooo amazing. You immediately feel relaxed. The mask is also pretty cool, the lotus in the center is the hydrating cream. You have to mix it with the gel and the combination gives you a fresh and hydrated look. An absolute winner!

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