10 years of love: my 10 favorite moments

10 years. 10 years ago I found my soul mate, my one true love and my best friend. Time surely flies, but on the other hand I’ve seen us grow so much as a couple too. As a small throwback, I’d love to look back on my 10 favorite moments of our 10 years together.

1. Our second date

Let’s start with one of the earliest moments. Our second date. Why not the first one? Glenn is always a bit quiet at first, and I’m a real talker, so that didn’t really match at first. I came home and told my brother ‘this will never work’, but Glenn was so cute and pretty that I still wanted a second date (I wanted to at least kiss him once ;-)). And that was the date where I was like ‘Ok, let’s see where this thing takes us!’ The rest is history…

2. Our trip to the South of France

Fast forward to 5 years later, not that our first five years weren’t good, but these memories already became a bit blurry, haha. We booked a vacation in the South of France, just the two of us. We enjoyed the sun, the cosy atmosphere and each other. I love to combine some relaxtion time with some sightseeing, and the Côte d’Azur is perfect for these types of trips.

3. Our first appartement together

After six years we finally moved in together. We found ourselves a new appartement in Duffel and has the most wonderful time there. Our first love nest, with all the chores that come with it, but we still loved it. Nothing more fun than coming home to the person you love the most.

 4. Disneyland

We’ve already been twice to Disneyland, and they’re both high up on my most favorite moments-list. The fact that it’s Disneyland might have something to do with it, but it’s also so much fun to act like children together once again. And to feel the warm, cosy vibe that’s always present at Disneyland, which also fills your heart with love. The first time I visited Disneyland was when I turned 20 years old, and it was my first time ever too, which made it even more special. (the first picture is from 6 years ago (wow), the second one is from last winter).

5. our first house together

And then there’s the best part of last year, our own dreamhouse together. I already told you all about it here and here but it’s still one of my absolute favorite moments ever. From the moment we saw the house online we knew it was the one. It’s really special to have your own house together, and something totally different from renting (even though you think the difference is not that big). Sure, it’s a lot more work and more expensive, but the feeling of owning a house together is quite special.

6. Mexico

Mexico was one of those trips that amazed us more than we expected! The beautiful cenotes, the rich history and the good weather make this country an absolute must visit. Oh, and the food is pretty good too! As long as there’s avocado, I’m in!

7. New year’s eve

A bit special in my favorites list, but I do love this yearly moment with Glenn. Ever since we’ve started dating we’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve together. I’m not a fan of this evening but I love to start each new year with my lover & best friend. Dancing and laughing together, and at 00.00 a big kiss for a new year full of happiness!

8. Our trip to America

America is by far my favorite trip ever. And I am sure this is the same for Glenn too. Three weeks of discovering the West Coast of America, seeing beautiful nature and exploring the coolest cities. We’ve grown even closer in these three weeks – sure we’ve been together for a long time but had never spent three weeks just with each other and no one else. Curious about our adventures? Read all about it here, here, here, here and here.(that’s if you got ome extra spare time ;-))

9. Our doggy together

Definitely one of my favorite moments, getting the sweetest pupper Jax. Although he’s grown a lot lately, he’s still our little baby. Even though it’s not a real baby, it is good practice ;-). You have to make sure there’s someone home to give him food, and to not leave him all alone for a whole day. But this little monkey brings us so much love, and also made us love each other more!

 10. Evenings on the couch

A lot of these moments are the typical ‘big’ moments in life. Buying a house and a puppy, going on vacation or to Disneyland Paris. But one of the moments I still enjoy the most is just us (three now) on the couch. Cuddling up and talking about our day or watching series together. They say the small things in life matter the most, and that’s so true! There are also so many small moments I could tell you about – but these ten are definitely locked in my heart forever.

And this guy. He’s locked in there forever too.

With (lots of) love,

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