Shiseido make up: bigger, better and bolder

Shiseido is one of those make up brands that always amazes me with innovations. But this time they impressed me even more, since they evaluated all their make up products and improved them with the newest technologies out there, to make them even better than they already were.

The first thing they did is look at the powders. For the eyeshadow they used a new Cream Powder Matrix Technology that blends oils and esters to make bright colors that last up to 12 hours. The reinvented blush is my favorite texture wise, and is a mousse that turns into a powder with a soft matte finish when applied onto the skin. So subtle yet pretty! The blush&highlighter also uses the Cream Powder Matrix Technology and gives the blush a subtle soft glow. Their renewed powder lipstick is even more pigmented than before and also blurs out any imperfections on your lips – giving you those gorgeous lips you’ve always dreamt of.

The gel lipstick was also redesigned and now has a Triple Gel technology, a combination of three gels that give a boost in pigment and give you a comfortable feel for hours on.

Their newest mascara features a patented technology, so you know it’s good! The inks of all the products were improved, and for the mascara specifically, there’s now a dual application system that’s new on the market. What strikes me most is that I don’t have any smudging with this mascara, which I often tend to have with other mascaras. The lashes are also really well separated, which results in a more open look.

Lastly there’s the dews, where they mostly focused on giving the colors more depth and shine – I’m a real gold lover (I always wear gold, never silver), and this golden eye shadow gives me the most sparkly eyes out there. Absolutely perfect for the upcoming holidays!

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