OOTD: Fashionably active

This month I’ve started going to the fitness and been working out on my heart rate, to get in better shape. But since I’m now going to the fitness, it’s even more important to look fashionable in my workout gear. 😉 Luckily, Hunkemöller knows all about pretty workout clothes. Curious about my new exercise routine?

I’ve been exercising a lot ever since I’ve started working (which is 4 years ago already!). It really helps me to de-stress after a busy day ànd it keeps my weight stable since sitting eight hours a day at a desk is not really ideal. However, my favorite workouts are the ones where I’m death by the end of the routine. I always thought this was good for both fat burn and your general condition but apparently it’s not at all, you just train your ability to go hard – but you don’t improve your general health.

So I’ve now changed my whole workout routine. I have to train at a low heart rate to burn as much fat as possible. On top, this will also help to build my condition. I’m not even tired after working out and it takes much more time since you have to work out longer but I hope I’ll see the results soon!

Since I’m not exercising at home anymore, I also need some pretty new workout gear. As a proud Hunkemöller ambassador I of course love to wear their HKMX collections. This relaxed outfit is perfect for the trainings I’m doing now, they’re loose and good for the lower impact workouts. And they look fashionable too, right?

Sweater РHunkem̦ller

Jogging РHunkem̦ller

Big kiss,

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