Novelties in beauty town

I love new launches on the beauty market, and luckily for us, new seasons bring new products. Curious about what’s hot and happening in beauty town?

Let’s talk make up first. Bourjois is bringing some new products into their offer. I love the two Fabuleux lip transformers the most. These lipglosses can be put over any lipstick you have to either give it a brilliant shine or a matte finish. That way your lipstick can look any way you’d like. The glitter edition is perfect for the holidays, don’t you think?

They’re also launching a new mascara (we all love mascara, no?). The eye catching mascara leaves your lashes long and especially voluminous. And the packaging looks pretty cool too, no?

Oy is the most revolutionary brands I discovered recently. The Oy Wash and Scrub are two products that help you tackle your sweat, or the smell that sweat leaves behind. These products were designed by a pharmacist who wants to get rid of this problem. I’m an absolute fan! I bicycle to work every day and then it’s not ideal to be smelly all day ;-). So how does it work? You apply the scrub or wash on dry skin on either your feet or armpits. Massage well so the skin absorbs the product, wait one minute and rinse. After doing this for seven days, you’ll be rid of your sweaty smell! Curious? Read all about it here.

Yun is also a skin care range, focused on hygiene ànd good bacteria. These products help you to protect and recover your skin. Typical skin problems are tackled by using good bacteria to restore the skin’s balance. The ACN range is for (young) people suffering from acne. I used to have this a lot but it has improved along the years. There’s an ACN wash and cream. The wash cleanses your skin from impurities, the cream will really tackle the acne symptoms. Apart from the ACN range they also have a SKN range for the sensitive skin. If you’re one of those people suffering from typical skin allergies, this line is perfect for you!

Lastly there’s the TUVA range from Natura Siberica, for sale at Di! Natura Siberica is a specialist in natural cosmetics. They now launched the TUVA collection, inspired by the Siberian wilderness. The products have unique ingredients like yak milk, mink oil and black mud. These scents are quite new but I absolutely love the innovative nature! The black mud modeling scrub is a scrub which makes your skin smoother and softer. I’ve been using it for a while now and it feels like you’ve had an expensive scrubbing afterwards! In the TUVA range are also a bunch of other products like shampoos, body balms and hand balms.

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