Treat your skin with Nuxe Prodigieuse boost

Nuxe, one of the leading brands in skin care, has launched a new range of products for all the young women out there. Are you between 25 and 39 years old, and can your skin use a boost? Then this new range is perfect for you!

The skin of all young women out there can suffer quite a lot under our busy agenda’s. Stress, fatigue and a fully booked planning can show the signs on your skin. I can speak from experience, since I am never able to give myself some hours of free time, when it looks like it’s going to be a relaxed weekend, it ends up being one of the busiest so far. This also shows on my skin, with a dull look and some Prada bags under my eyes as a result. 😉

The Crème Prodigieuse Boost keeps the skin all fresh and bright. The jasmine flower is the main ingredient of this line and has an antioxidant benefit. The line consists of five different products, a cream for the eyes (most handy on Monday morning), an energizing primer (also handy on Monday morning) and a multi-correction gel cream and silky cream, to give your skin a clear and smooth skin. My favorite is the reperative face balm, this balm repairs your skin while you sleep, while the macadamia oil gives your skin an absolute hydration boost. When waking up your skin is clear and even. Totally ready to kick some ass in the morning!

You can buy the products in the nearest pharmacy and find all the extra information here.

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