Add a little bit of confidence with Zadig & Voltaire’s newest perfume

I love Zadig & Voltaire’s newest perfume, most of all because of the philosophy behind it – ‘Girls can do anything’, yes we can! Need some extra confidence ànd want to smell great at the same time? This is your new favorite perfume!

Girls can do anything, a perfume that’s made for the new women out there: free and not ashamed to be a bit cool. It symbolizes the liberation from norms and a new form of femininity, where girls can be as tough as they want. The duo of pear and tonka bean is mixed with musk and vanilla, a surprising scent which gives you that bit extra confidence we can all use – especially on an early, cold morning.

I’ve been wearing it to work for a week now and already had a bunch of compliments, since the scent is a bit more masculine, it makes you feel like you’re more strong to handle whatever the day throws at you. Wear this perfume with a ripped jeans and a biker jacket and you’ll feel all ‘Cara Delevingne’.

You can buy the perfume in a local perfume store or online.

Big kiss,

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