OOTD: Winter white coat

Winter coats – it’s my biggest obsession as soon as it tends to get cold out. This one will be my new friend the next few months, but you will not believe which brand it is from… Go on, I know you’re curious!

Ah, such a cliffhanger – but at least I got you guys to read further, ‘cus I know you’re all curious about where this fall piece is from. I’ll give you a small hint, your sweetest grandma probably shops there now and then. I’ve literally been in their store twice, to shop for my grandma. The brand? Damart.

I know – it’s not immediately the brand I see myself wearing either, but my o my this coat! Damart has lately really been working on reaching a younger audience too with some real on trend pieces which are perfect for every age. Sure, you can see this is a classic coat, but it’s such a pretty one. The biggest problem for them to not yet reach this younger market? Their sizes only start from 38, which is a bit too big for me (as for a bunch of other women too I guess). But hey, apart from the long sleeves, this coat looks pretty good on me, no?

Another big plus about the coat, it’s with wool so it keeps you super warm! I’m not a wool lover, it always itches as soon as you put it on, but luckily this one is decently sewn and has an inner layer that is soft and most importantly, doesn’t sting! I’m sure this coat will bring me a lot of warmth and happiness the next months. And that I’ll visit a Damart store soon again, maybe with my grandmother but definitely also to check out their new collection for myself too!

Coat – Damart

Sweater – 3Suisses

Jeans – Gutsgusto

Boots – 3Suisses

Handbag – Pafois

Big kiss,

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