T3 Micro Singlepass Luxe: smooth & shiny hair

My hair is naturally curly, but I’ve straightened my hair ever since I was 14. Since I have been doing it for such a long time, I’m always on the lookout for the best straightening tools to protect my hair – this time I got to try the Singlepass Luxe styling and straightening tool from T3 Micro, curious about the verdict?

T3 Micro is a Californian based brand that innovates with the best styling tools, ranging from dryers to curling irons and styling barrels. Especially these last ones have made them really popular in America and far beyond, since they offer you the possibility to make any type of curl you’d like.

But they got a whole bunch of amazing products – their Micro Single Pass Luxe straightener is smooth and effective, with just one sweep your hair is sleek and shiny. The straightener has five different adjustable heat settings, the only downside is that you’re not able to see which temprature you selected. The straightener is equipped with the SinglePass technology, which makes sure the temperature is evenly distributed. This technology makes the tool suitable for all hair types.

Apart from you being able to straighten your hair you can also use it to add volume, waves or even curls. The edges are round, which makes it super easy to create the hair style you want. The straightener is easy to handle (way lighter than a Steampod) and looks super pretty too. But most importantly your hair is smooth and shiny after styling it – and that’s what makes this an extremely nice straightener.

Curious about the iron? Discover all about it here. And I’m sure you’ll find some other nice styling tools too!

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