Résistance Extentioniste: healthy and long hair!

As some of you might know, I have dreamt about long hair my whole life. So when I got to try out the new Kérastase Extentioniste protocol for longer and stronger hair – I couldn’t wait to try it out. Read my honest review about the protocol right here!

There are a bunch of hair products that promise you longer hair. But since my hair is so thin (and mostly since I use a straightener nearly every day – oops) it’s never worked before. But Kérastase is my dream hair brand so I couldn’t wait to try it out, since I had high hopes for this new launch.

The treatment starts in the salon (you can also buy the products and do it yourself but it will have less impact). During your intake, they analyze your hair and give you a detailed plan. I had to come back three times over a period of three months to treat my hair as good as possible. Each session is €25, and afterwards your hair looks all pretty & shiny. I went to Coiffure Arte in Wilrijk for my treatments and totally loved the hairdressers – they did a great job in giving me the best advice for my hair. A tip: cut your hair to a healthy length before starting the program, this will help to give you the best result.

When going home, you have to continue the treatment at home with the Extentioniste products – especially the serum Extentioniste works miracles, you apply this after washing your hair onto your scalp and massage it so that you activate your roots. The scent is also amazing – one of the many good aspects Kérastase is known for.

After three months you go back to your hairdresser to see the progress you’ve made. I already felt my hair had gotten thicker, but it still needed a cut after three months. To compare, normally I need a haircut every 6 weeks. Unfortunately, my hair hasn’t gotten longer but that’s mainly my own fault – using heat on your hair every day is not the best idea to get long hair. But my hair did get stronger ànd has more shine.

I know this treatment is not the cheapest out there, but if you want an absolute health boost for your hair this is going to help you reach it! Just stay of the heat tools guys. 😉

Want any more information about this? Just send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer them all!

Big kiss,

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  1. Klinkt super interessant, mocht het nu ietske goedkoper zijn 😉 Mijn haar is oik superdun van nature, en zou zeker wel eens deugd hebbzn van zo’n kuur, dus wie weet ooit 🙂

    Xo Noor

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