Beauty products with a 100% clean story

Beauty. One of my absolute first loves (well, after playing with dolls that is). Lately, we’ve become more and more aware of the importance of good products. Beauty products which are full of biological ingredients and free of animal testing (especially the last one is close to my heart!). And Bio Wink! is one of those Belgian suppliers offering you all those good brands under one roof!

Bio Wink! is a supplier of an exclusive selection of biological beauty products of high quality with the best scents. The brands they offer all have a story fully in line with their believe in honest products with a proven efficiency (‘cus that’s what it’s all about!).

I got to try two of them, the first is Karethic. This brand is all about karité, made from nuts of the buttertree (my god, a buttertree!). All their biological cosmetics have one common ingredient – as you can guess – natural African karité butter. The scent is amazing and you can just feel that the products are 100% natural. I especially love their pure shea butter, which is perfect in winter to keep your skin soft and hydrate.

The second brand is Bio Seasons. This brand is convinced that beauty and respect for nature go hand in hand. They offer a range of shower gels and shampoos with exotic scents to send you on a short trip when taking a shower (or a bath). These natural products are perfect for the whole family since they also come in bigger sizes. Or when you just like to use a lot of shower gel, these family packages are great too. 🙂

Curious to try them out yourself? You can find all the local pharmacies selling Bio Wink! products here.

Big kiss,

Ps: the little one loves these products too!

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