OOTD: Travel countdown

Hi loves! It’s Monday  again, our least favorite day of the week. But next Monday our vacation will start, so kinda looking forward to that. What’s on the program? I’ll tell you some more (and I’ll show you my outfit of course!)

It’s been three and a half months since we returned from the amazing US and A and it already seems like it’s been ages ago. The trip was amazing, I bet one of the best in our lives. But then our little pupper Jax came and I also switched jobs at work, which made it a quite hectic summer – so this vacation is more than welcome.

As for the destination? We’re literally deciding last-minute. We want to bring Jax with us since he’s still so small so we’re gonna drive towards the South of France and see where the good weather will take us. It will just be the three of us and a good amount of dolce far niente, absolutely can’t wait! But first I have to finish one of the busiest week ever at my work, so let’s kick some ass.

As for the outfit – I’m not saying goodbye to bare legs yet. The weather is still treating us fairly good, so I’m taking out my end of summer dresses. Both the shoes and the dress are from Lily. As for the handbag & suitcase – Samsonite. I introduced you to the handbag in my previous post, but this suitcase is way too pretty too. And you can also customize it! Mine says ‘Say yes to new adventures’ in the back. I’m ready for the new adventures!

Dress – Lily Mechelen

Shoes – Lily Mechelen

Handbag – Samsonite

Suitcase – Samsonite

What are your plans still for September?

Big kiss,

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