OOTD: Go where life takes you with Samsonite

Hi loves! Another outfit post is here! And it’s a pre-fall one. In two weeks it’s already autumn, I can’t believe it! I’m actually a bit excited for the cosy evenings, how about you? On the other hand, I wanted to talk to you guys a bit on a more personal level too.

So, here we go: I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately. I feel like the past months have really been the time of growing up. Doing the adult stuff. Following life like ‘everyone’ wants to. But who’s everyone? And who cares? Except for you then, because you’re the only one who should care about what happens in your life. (and maybe your partner and children). But my point is, go where your heart takes you. Not where society wants you to go, not where your parents want you to go, not where your friends tell you to go – just go where you want to go. Do what you want to do. I know it’s not always easy. I also tend to get insecure as soon as I feel people disapprove of how I live my life. But it’s my life, and no one else’s. So that’s what I’m gonna do more from now on, taking decisions for me, and not for someone else.

You guys are probably now like, where the hell is this coming from? Well, it all started with Samsonite reaching out to me for a collaboration. Reason why I immediately said yes? Their campaign, which is all about go. Go passionate. Go personal. Go all out. Go abroad. With this #generationgo campaign Samsonite wants us to all go with the flow. And that’s why I love this campaign so much. Because I totally support this way of living! And I feel happy and proud to be one of the #generationgo girls in Belgium, hoping to spark people to enjoy life more the way they want it themselves.

Apart from loving the campaign, I also adore the Samsonite products. I mean, who doesn’t? Their suitcases are of the best quality out there and they look pretty too! Their Samsonite Cosmolite suitcases are literally unbreakable. Extra fun: you can now engrave your suitcase with your name or favorite travel quote!

And then there’s their new My Samsonite handbag collection. An ultra classy handbag, which you can personalize with your own initials. Only problem is, you can only add three letters, so JVDB was not possible – just went with JV in the end, sounds kinda cool, no? I absolutely love this handbag, which I can combine perfectly with kinda any outfit in my closet. This look makes for the perfect back to work outfit! Come on autumn, I’m ready for you!

Sweater – Na-kd

Skirt – Sienna Goodies

Handbag – Samsonite

Heels – H&M


And what about you? What do you want to do more in life?

Big kiss,



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