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Finally home after a long day of work. All you want to do is sit back & relax. But unfortunately, we still got some cooking to do. I honestly don’t feel like preparing a difficult meal after a whole day behind my desk – and I think I’m not the only one. That’s why 15gram introduced a new concept in their food box: every week you can choose two recipes which are ready in less than 15 minutes. Impossible? I accepted the challenge!

To be honest I was quite sceptic of the concept, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes (unless it’s pancakes ;-)). So when I saw the recipes, I really doubted whether I would be able to put this on the table so quickly. The recipe I did the test with was the spaghetti carbonara. I always thought this was a lot of work, but apparently it’s super easy to make!

Thanks to the clear instructions and the correct portions of each ingredient, you immediately get of to a good start. They even include some good tips, like boiling water first in your kettle and then putting it on the stove (saves so much time!). After 8 minutes I was already halfway through the recipe. In the end I finished the dish in 14 minutes, 16 seconds and I even cleaned up a bit during this timeframe. (decorating of the plate was an extra 2,5 minutes but that doesn’t count, right? ;-))

Most important, was it yummy? I can say I was pleasantly surprised! The flavors were great and combined perfectly. Glenn and I ate everything (woops!). We are definitely making this recipe again since it was easy, yummy and fast! (healthy maybe a bit less but hey, you gotta treat yourself sometimes, no?)

Apart from this recipe, the recipes of 15 gram are all so good! Nothing too fancy or difficult, just yummy food that’s varied and affordable. Curious about the 15 minute recipes? You can do the challenge yourself and win a month (!) of 15gram foodboxes. How awesome is that? You can find all the information here.

And you know what the best thing about this all is? You have extra time to do the things you love. Like watching an episode of your favorite series, taking a bath or going to bed reaaaaally early.

Big kiss,

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