OOTD: Happy little family

Hi loves! It’s been two and a half months already since Jax came to live with us, so I thought it was time for a little update on how our little pupper is doing. But of course not without also showing you guys my outfit. 😉

Let’s first talk about the outfit before moving on to little Jax. As you might know, I’m a sucker for maxi dresses, especially this summer. So when I saw this baby in the latest newsletter of Lily, I ordered it straight away. When I went to pick it up during my lunch break, the dress was already sold out. Happy dance, since the dress fitted me perfectly. I love these dresses since you can wear them to a bunch of occassions and they’re perfect for all kinds of weather. Super versatile and feminine, hooray!

As for the little pupper accompanying me in these pictures, he has really stolen our hearts! Not everything is going as smooth as we want (he loves to bite on everything and something just pees inside the house whenever he feels like it) but he’s such a nice and playful dog. He kinda switched up our lives ever since he came though, we need to make sure there’s someone every evening so that he has his food and one of us needs to get up at 7 am (yep, also in the weekends) since Jax is then ready to go outside and play.

But he gives the best cuddles and is the kindest little friend we could’ve hoped for. He’s really my little baby. Yep, we’re one happy family. <3

Big kiss,

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