Lipfinity velvet matte: endless kissable lips

Max Factor launches a collection of lipsticks with a velvet matte finish. A trend in make up land that has been popular for quite some time now. They launch twelve different colors so you’ll definitely find your favorite among them!

Lipstick, even though I don’t wear it to work, I absolutely love to wear it on a night out or a date with friends. It instantly gives my face a bright & shiny touch. I most often tend to go for a creamy lipstick, but these often smudge quickly, and when you’re out and about, that’s not really ideal.

That’s why the new Max Factor Lipfinity Velvet Matte collection is so perfect. It’s a waterproof (yep, you can drink some more wine if you want), liquid lipstick with a 24h hold (not sure if I believe that but I guess it will get you through the day ;-)). On top, they added coconut to hydrate your lips, making sure they do not dry out – which often happens when pulling off the matte lip trend. I tried them on myself, and even though at first it feels a bit funny, the color is super pigmented and it stays a fair amount of time.

You can buy the lipsticks now in one of the Max Factor stores for €16,99!

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