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Hi loves! It’s been a long time since I did a ‘webshop to discover’ post, but the time has come to introduce you to a fun, new local webshop! Le Souk & Co is a young company based in Antwerp, selling lifestyle and skin care products. Looking for a fun and original gift for him or her? Or do you just want to spoil yourself with something a bit more special? Then this is the spot!

Always wanted to try out those teeth whiteners, but afraid that these foreign products are not safe? Or curious about the coffee scrub but you don’t want to pay too many shipping costs? On the webshop of Le Souk & Co, they have all the products that are hip & happening at the moment, but with a guarantee that they are safe and affordable!

On their webshop you can find products both for him and her. For him, the products are mainly for the perfect beard & moustache. Do you have a boyfriend or husband blessed with a beautiful beard? Then these products are so nice to use!

They of course also have products for women, and I received three of them to try out. The first is the dermaroller, it’s a product you can use at home to make your skin stronger, to reduce ànd prevent wrinkles and to stimulate the production of collagen. You just roll the device over your skin and the tiny needles do all the work. The roller will stimulate your skin and will fade both scares and wrinkles. An extra bonus, because you create tiny holes in your skin, your skin care products will work better since they penetrate deeper. You need to use this product for some time before seeing big results, but even when you use it once you already see your skin having a healthy glow.

The second product is the teeth whitener. To be honest I was a bit sceptic of this product. It promises you shiny white teeth, by using the powder for some time. This product is 100% natural, which makes me a bit more confident to use it. The active charcoal will whiten your teeth in a natural way. I’ve been trying this product out for a week now, but I do not yet see any big ‘whitening’ results. On the other hand, my teeth feel really even and clean, and that’s a big plus too!

The last product I want to talk you guys about is the coffee scrub. This product is my absolute favorite from the website. You’ve probably already seen it on Instagram, this scrub is hot & happening! But what I love about this scrub in particular, is that it does not only contain coffee grains, but also some nourishing oils like olive and almond oil, shea butter and vitamin C & E. Thanks to all these amazing ingredients, your skin will feel like a baby, and you smell amazing. The scent is so nice, I’m a huge fan! As for the use, just rub it in with circular motions, leave on five to ten minutes and rinse off. Hello shiny soft skin!

Need some extra convincing to visit the shop? Le Souk & Co will expand their collection soon ànd they also have some cool gift boxes.

Big kiss,

Ps: I’ll be giving away a box very soon. Keep an eye on my Instagram!

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