OOTD: How you doin’?

Oh my, as far as blogging is concerned, summer has not been a great season. But hey, I’m still here, still alive and kicking – and bringing you a new outfit – ‘cus you all seem to like those.

Nope, these past few weeks have not been my most active ones. Blame it on this way too sunshiny weather. I mean, who wants to sit inside all day, working on their blog, when we have the best summer in years? I guess by now you guys already know when I most often write blog post. Yep, it concerns a Sunday. Yep, it’s most often cold and/or windy on those days.

When I started blogging I hàd to write at least two blog posts a week, preferably three or four. But after almost driving myself crazy by putting too much pressure on myself, I decided to just do this blog when I feel like it. So yes, there might be times you don’t often hear from me. There might be times that you don’t see a lot of Instagram posts. And there might be times that you’ll be spammed to death with my blog. But hey, life’s all about balance, no? 

Enough now with the chit-chat already. Here’s another outfit, shot at the Belgian coast. Oh, how I love those days off. Just laying on the beach, reading a book, eating an ice cream or sipping a cocktail and watching the day roll by. In the evening we always dress up and go for dinner. This dress from Na-kd is so typical me. I guess my boyfriend probably thinks I have five of these dresses, but hey – I just love flowers.

Na-kd does a lot of collaborations with influencers, which sometimes makes me doubt about the authenticity of the brand. But to be honest, the collaboration are always honest, in a way that when they propose me multiple options and I don’t like any of them, I can still choose what I want. Because I will always want to stay true to myself, no matter what. So the clothes I picked from their website are pieces I’d always buy myself too. And their range is so big, with some cool brands included too. You should definitely check it out – I’m sure you’ll find something you like. And if you do, just use my code ‘JULIE2018’ for 20% (!) off. You’re welcome.

Sunglasses – Kapten & Son

Dress – Na-kd

Handbag – Furla

Heels – H&M

Big kiss,



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