OOTD: Those yellow flowers

A tanned skin and a pretty playsuit is all you need to brighten up your day, right? This oufit is one of my favorites of 2018,I hope you like it too!

As you might think at first, this is not a dress but a playsuit. The advantage? No Marilyn Monroe moments when it’s windy outside. The disadvantage? Going to the toilet takes some more time – I always find it funny that playsuits have you end up half naked ;-). But apart from that, this playsuit is totally my thing. And yes – again, these booties are from the 3 Suisses summer collection too. As said I went totally crazy on the shoes, and these black ones are perfect to combine with half of my closet.

Yellow is my all time favorite color, so these pretty flowers accompanied me home after going to the supermarket. It’s one of those colors that matches perfectly with a tanned skin. As for my tanned skin, a lot of people often ask me how I get that pretty color. Mostly, it’s just good genes. Ever since I was little I was tanned in summer. But I try to get a pretty color too by protecting my skin with a sunscreen, and by using aftersun – even when back home. A last and very important tip, scrub! I know people are afraid of scrubbing after tanning but it keeps your skin all pretty and glowy.

Sunglasses – Kapten & Son

Playsuit – 3Suisses

Handbag – Parfois

Boots – 3Suisses

Big kiss,

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